Personal Narrative : Leadership Program ( Slp ) Batch 2 Essay

2726 Words Aug 12th, 2015 11 Pages
I was lucky. A few months after I was given my first Division to lead, I was accepted in Superintendents’ Leadership Program (SLP) Batch 2. And years before that, I had worked with bosses who had given me opportunities to experience things that worked well and decisions that failed. So I had some mental models to start with and some training about leadership and management. More or less, I have a schema and theories and principles that intuitively guided me how to begin managing and leading more than 2 hundreds of schools and more than 2 thousands of people. Reality was both a source of apprehension and a motivation for a new leader like me. I could taste my jitters when I think of the magnitude of my responsibility and accountability. The unfolding of actual day to day events had put to test whatever competence, principles and values I have, where in most cases decisions have to be done in an instant - no more time to review any notes. Did I do the right thing? Did I do it right? Did I accomplish my objective? Have I mobilized my team to perform and produce the desired results? These were some nagging questions I face at the end of each day. Marking dots for yes, I smile with every dot I make. It propelled me to move forward and make more dots. Steve Jobs made me think of those dots. He said that when you look back you can connect the dots in your life and understand why you are standing where you are standing. Maybe I made up the last…

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