Essay on Personal Narrative : How The Hell Does The Deer Eat?

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That’s why mom’s leave them, because they can smell the mom’s. That’s why mom’s hide their babies and leave. They know where they are at and they will come back and find them.

Donnie: Yeah.

Interviewer: Because they know where they left them.

Donnie: She didn’t come back and find them, she was dead the next weekend.

Interviewer: Yeah, I mean, there is always a chance that something happens to her while she is out and about.

Donnie: Yeah, get hit or something.

Interviewer: They have left them up to a week sometimes; it just depends.

Donnie: Really.

Interviewer: Yeah, that might be an extreme case.

Donnie: How the hell does the deer eat? They can go without milk for a week.

Interviewer: It depends on the their age when—

Donnie: This one was a baby. This one could hardly walk.

Interviewer: Depend on how healthy mom is, whether mom is producing enough milk to come back and take care of it.

Donnie: Because this one could hardly walk, it was like a baby horse, you know, when it first.

Interviewer: Okay, those are the main thinks I wanted to ask, just eh frequency of going up through there and maybe that is what folks are going to wonder. What gear would you normally drive that in?

Donnie: Usually, like I always told her, when you’re going up a hill, you want to be in low, and, you know, make sure it’s in four wheel drive. It was either or, but I never drive up and down a hill, unless you are in four wheel drive, and you know, that’s common sense, if you’re going…

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