Personal Narrative From Digital Technology Is Something I Would Have Never Envisioned Doing

1816 Words Nov 30th, 2016 8 Pages
Disconnecting from digital technology was something I would have never envisioned doing. I decided to conduct this experiment on Sunday, November 20th. I particularly decided to pick a day that I was scheduled to work to disengage myself from my phone, laptop, or television. The reason why I chose a day that I was schedule to work to conduct my experiment is because I presumed that my job will keep me preoccupy enough to make time go faster. Early Sunday morning, I woke up early around 8am without the sound to my alarm clock. At first, it was a bit bizarre because I have this habit of looking at my phone screen every day I would wake up. Sunday morning, I started my day off by taking a shower, eating breakfast, doing some school work, and soon later headed to work.
During this experience, I did not necessarily notice anything out of the ordinary. However, it made me look at things from another perspective. I initially observed while driving to work, people texting during traffic light stops and not paying attention. In addition to, at work, customers who were using their social media while walking around the store had a weird stare on their phone screens. I like to think of myself as someone who knows when to use my phone at the appropriate time. For example, I know that is not appropriate to use a phone during class, or when I am talking to someone or having dinner with others. This experience had a negative reinforcement for me. This experience made me look at how I might…

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