Personal Narrative : Finally Letting Go Essay

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Finally Letting Go
The dirty basement filled with laughs and talks of people after the dance. Scanning my eyes around the room to look for her. I’m halfway around the room when my eyes lock in. Filling the room with laughs and jokes like she was always known for. She didn’t say a single word to me; however, I know that I was seen when I walked through that old cracked wooden door. I grabbed my boyfriend’s arm while the thoughts “You can do this; You’re stronger than this.” rolled through my hard stubborn head. Or least I thought I could; That was until I could taste the salty tears that ran down my face. I knew It was going be a tough night, it always was. Everyone in that room knew who I was and I knew actually who they were. I could tell you what sports the played, things they loved, lies that they told each other, etc. She knew me the best out of everyone there. Like the back of her hand. Her and my boyfriend saw me completely different than the rest of the people standing in that room: No one else knew the truth.The thing was, I wasn 't her best friend, I was just somebody that she could go to when she needed something, any other time I was invisible. I was done going through this all; I couldn’t take the risk of getting caught as a delinquent or just feeling invisible anymore. Over the years I loved being her best friends. It started out adventurous, going to new places, exploring and constantly hanging out. It couldn’t get any better than this right? That all lasted…

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