Personal Narrative Essay: The Worst Time In My Life

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The worst time in my life would have to be when my parents got divorced, and the time that followed. When i was in the eighth grade, my parents asked me to come into their room, because they needed to talk to me about something. I walked into that room knowing that they were going to tell me they were going to get a divorce. How did i know that? I have no idea, except the fact that my parents have been fighting about little things for a long time, and i just did not know how they could live like that for much longer. That night, my mom slept in my bed with me, we did not sleep much because I had so many questions. The next morning I woke up to find that my dad was gone. He had taken all of his stuff and walked out the door and went to go live with my sister. Little did I know, Eighth grade would be the last year i was ever close to my father.

The whole first year he was not in the house with my mom and I was a super strange time, I could not say what
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The shoes were colorful and small, a little bigger than my feet were at the time. I set my shoes next to them, and went into my dads room to ask him about the little shoes. There was a woman setting on his bed with him, all these questions started racing through my head, I needed to know who this was and why are you sitting on my dads bed. My dad told me all about how he met this woman and why she is here. My dad said, that she worked with him, and she needed a place to live while she was having her divorce finalized. As time went on I knew she was there for more than just that, we started going on trips with her and her family, and she was sleeping in the same bed as my dad. It is clear at this point that their dating, she was around us all the time, and her kids started staying the night. My dad pushed me to the side all the time, he would always put her and her kids

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