Personal Narrative Essay: The Most Worstiest Moment In My Life

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Have you ever witnessed a dangerous crash in your life. Or have your life flash before your eyes. what would you feel like or what would you say if someone needs to ask you a question? It was July 16 and we are getting our stuff ready for our flight tomorrow to California for summer break then we will continue to go to Mexico. This was going to be our second trip out of the country and we were so hyped about it. We thought that nothing would go wrong, but boy were we wrong. It was a moment that will be implanted into my brain forever. It is still to this day one of the most scariest moments that have happened in my life.

It was July 17 and the day has come and Sammy, my mother, my father, and I was driving on I-70 East towards Lambert international
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The driver of the truck then aggressively passes us in the speed line which is illegal and then gets in front of us. We could hear his loud diesel engine when he passed us and his black fumes that surrounded the car. While he is front of us he tries to break check us and once and made us come to a complete stop. However eventually the driver of the truck loses control of the truck and almost smashes into a gas tanker, but missed and slammed into a FedEx truck. There was packages everywhere and one had vitamins and they splattered all over the interstate. Traffic came to a standstill! Everyone was out of their car or still in their car but taking photos and videos. It was a draw dropping moment and we pulled off into the ramp to exit onto the airport, but there was a police officer that came up behind. He stepped out of his car and …show more content…
I would probably say that there was a semi truck follow us very closely and had a truck driver wearing a yellow budweiser shirt and ripped jeans. And if he were to ask me when did this happen I could simply tell him it happened at 10: 20 to about 10:27 before he passed and wrecked! At the end of the day we should all know that we should step up and do the right thing if we were to tell someone about an event or to return a object that someone lost. We should be good samaritans and do the right

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