Personal Narrative Essay: The Scariest Moment Of My Life

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This it a story probably the scariest moment of my life and I could not forget and this is my first time telling someone and that someone is you. It was the middle of the night it was me and my brother and our parents was out for their honeymoon. So it was my job to babysit my brother for 2 hours and by the way my little brother is a brat he messes around all the time and breaks stuff I wish we could have someone adapt him right know right then but my parents always say no cause they love him. It just weird but I bought him a game Which is call of duty black ops 3 or is shooting game that you play zombies and multiplayer and campaign so I played with him to cause I liked the game to we played to about half an hour until we heard the door handle …show more content…
Them they said they would send reinforcements to our location but just then he opened the door he was scary looking I put my brother behind me I kicked him in the leg to knock him to his feet then I grab the sack of potatoes and slammed it onto his feet making him fall to his chest. Then I ran but my brother fell I say him trying to brake loose the the guy I grab the baseball bat sitting next to the garage door I hit the right on the head making him fall and pass out. I fell to my knees I was in terror I looked at my hands they had blood on it I help him up then we heard the sirens we ran outside we say our parents run up to us we so glad that they were home the police went into the house and they arrest the guy that was chasing us the police said they were trying to catch this guy for 2 weeks know. Then they say the baseball bat that I hit the guy with then they looked my hands and saw blood then they asked me how I got that on there and I said self defense they looked at the guy who looked at alive. Then they took me into questioning to make sure it was self defense I

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