Narrative Essay: The Life In A Motel In California, Barstow

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We were just a couple of kids who worked in a motel in California, Barstow. The motel hadn’t altered since the 1970’s and nor did its furniture inside. Very few people came by and if they did, it was only for a night.
As for us, we were just a couple of kids who lived by the pool cleaning up after strangers in order to pay our way towards college. We hated our summer job, but it’s what kept us together.
“I want to get out of this town. I want to get out there and see something new,” Seth said as he scooped out dead insects that floated on the surface of the pool.
“We all want to leave this place,” I said rinsing the lawn chairs that surrounded the pool.
“I want to meet new people. We are meant to explore the world or else we’d all
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My parents were safe asleep and the whole town was quiet. I saw the truck’s light beam from miles away and we both stood up.
“Remind me why were doing this again?” Gale said looking straight ahead at the dirt path.
“He’s always had my back and it’s time for me to repay him for it.”
Seth stopped the pickup truck and we swiftly jumped inside hoping nobody had seen us. We drove down the highway leaving this town behind knowing we’d return soon to our lousy jobs and boring daily routines. We drove by these old streets we knew from the back of our minds where we once scrapped our knees playing tag and first learned how to ride our bikes.
And suddenly I felt nostalgic. I realized that this might be the very last time we’d be all together driving by these streets where we grew up. A year from now we’d be heading our separate ways to different colleges across the country and would no longer see each other as much except for Christmases and birthdays. That thought terrified me. The thought of getting old, even more.
“Isn’t it scary? The thought that were getting old and the little tricks we play on our parents like this one will soon end?” I said looking out at the homes that all resembled in the

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