What Does My Family Mean To Me

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On September 15th 2009 my life had not only been changed but I had realized what life really means. On this day my family had been in shock with tears and had been emotionally lost. This very day will always have a strong meaning. It had been the day my brother had been told he was diagnosed with lymphoma non hotchkins cancer. This day will hold a toll on not only me but w=my whole family for the rest of our lives and we will never forget it.
On September 14th I had been in my second week of school and so had my brother. At the time my brother was a freshman in high school and I was in 3rd grade. My brother had not been feeling good at school that day. So, my mom had taken him to the hospital to get x rays on his chest and they had seen a large
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Being my brother was only fourteen my parents had to stay with him in the hospital up in Pennsylvania. At this time school was in session so I had to attend school and I wasn’t old enough to stay at the hospital. Therefore my parents had to find somewhere for me to stay. I had been staying at a different house every week. Imagine being away from your parents months at a time because you didn’t know whether your brother was going to live or not and only being nine. Trying to figure out what to eat for lunch and dinner without your mom nor your dad. The most important thing was I never knew if I was going to see my brother ever again. My first week away from my family I stayed with my grandma being I had to get driven to school every morning. The next week it was my mom mom’s and we had made arrangements for the bus to pick me up there. Then the worst I had to stay with my cousins for a whole month. My parents would come home at random times just to see me because they knew how hard it had been. It had been hard because whenever my brother would come home he would be rushed back up to Pennsylvania for emergencies. So it had been easier for me to just stay out at someone’s house. Even though half the kids my age would beg to live with their cousins it’s not as fun as it seems. I’ve never missed my family, dog and bed so much

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