Personal Narrative Essay: The Importance Of Literacy

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Until this class I never really identified what literacy was. I have always known about reading and writing, but never once did I look at it as knowledge that would bring me success. I now see that it is much broader than just simply writing and reading, but being able to interpret and communicate through it. My literacy has been important to me from day one and is a type of knowledge that can progress for a lifetime and be a tool to enable my success.
From as young as I can remember my mom always read to me before bed. It was part of our routine; She would get me a sippy cup of milk and we would read two to three books before I would go to sleep. Goodnight Moon was always one of my favorites. I remember memorizing the words so that I could
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I remember in kindergarten sitting on one of those road carpets looking at flashcards having to make the sound of each letter. Or in first grade when we had to start writing stories with correct punctuation and sentences. Literacy is held high in our American education. During my senior year of high school, they implemented that grades 7th through 12th had to write an argumentative essay every month for every single class. Once this was introduced to me, all I thought was how ridiculous this was. Why would I need to know how to write an essay in Art? Or in P.E.? I did not think I could learn or improve in any way from doing this. But after each graded essay came back and I was improving more and more, I realized that this was really helping me to become a better writer and a more critical thinker. Who knew that my essay over ‘Why dodgeball should be allowed in physical education classes” would be chosen to be looked over by the school board. This really showed me that this idea to continue our improvement even in my last year really did make a difference. Now I am very appreciative of the patience the teachers exhibited during this year to make us all more improved writers. With that being said it also gave me the insight that literacy is so important in all aspects of education and

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