Reflective Essay On My Literacy

Until this class I never really identified what literacy was. I have always known about reading and writing, but never once did I look at it as knowledge that would bring me success. I now see that it is much broader than just simply writing and reading, but being able to interpret and communicate through it. My literacy has been important to me from day one and is a type of knowledge that can progress for a lifetime and be a tool to enable my success.
From as young as I can remember my mom always read to me before bed. It was part of our routine; She would get me a sippy cup of milk and we would read two to three books before I would go to sleep. Goodnight Moon was always one of my favorites. I remember memorizing the words so that I could read like her to. Now that I look back on all the children’s books we read together, they each had a lesson, like honesty, sharing, or responsibility. This is where my literacy began to connect into more than
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Not only the amount I know now, but an even deeper learning of it in the future. To be literate is to succeed in the future. Right now I work as a waitress and I feel like even there I use literacy skills to keep my customers happy. My main goal though, is to become an Occupational Therapist. I will use literacy to talk to my patients doctors, to choose the right plans and methods, and to get my patients back to living their normal lives. This is where my culture literacy will be applied. I will use these skills to communicate and connect with my patients on the grounds of health and on a personal level. Another way I will use literacy is by teaching my children just as my mom taught me. I will need to prepare them for school and be the beginning building block of their learning and with that, their knowledge of literacy. Literacy is a never ending cycle that is applied in so many life scenarios. This shows how it is a staple to

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