Personal Narrative Essay: The Black Day At Aire

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Faith has difficult rules to comprehend. Do you let go, embrace it or fight it? That morning, like every other day for the past decade, Taya was torn between resistance and acceptance of her sadness that time has had no effect on. It was the Black Day at Aire, the annual tribute to the victims of the Grostro Pirates’s attack. Taya and Marti skipped breakfast and left the house together without saying much. On their way to the memorial center, Taya broke the silence asking Marti, who lost her father in the fight, what she remembered the most about that day.
“I remember the darkness,” she replied. I remember all of us kids of different ages sitting for hours in one room not really knowing what was going on other than it was something bad. How
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“I thought it would be selfish of me to apply for full custody of sadness. This was a feeling we all had to take care of. She also suffered a terrible loss of her son and my mother who she viewed as her daughter. I knew she had to put on a brave face every day for me so I tried to make it easier for her. I cried at night in my new room she furnished next to hers, and sometimes in the middle of the night, I could hear her trying to mute the sound of her crying with the pillows pressed against her face. She was the only relative I had in this world and for the next eight years she was my rock and my source of wisdom. When she was gone, I felt loneliness I never thought existed. If it weren’t for you Marti, I don’t know how I would have managed to keep going,” Taya hinted at the circumstances which led to her classmates and childhood friend Marti, who lost her mother the same year Taya’s grandmother Udra died, and her living together as two “young adult orphans”. The community of Aire made sure they had all the support they needed and that is why they helped them build a more modern house they could share as they focused on the studies.
Now approaching the white gate of the Memorial center, Taya thought to herself that as a result of a strange play of destiny, she had more relatives behind these fences than among the living people. Her parents had no siblings as it was a custom at Aire to limit
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There were no classes on the Black Day and most of the work was scaled down in anticipation of the community meeting at the central square, where the battle against the pirates had taken place. However, this gathering was not to remember the past, but rather to design the future of Aire. Sporadically, throughout the year and on important dates such as this one, all adult members of the community would come together to catch up on the developments in various field such as safety, technology, health, agriculture, environment, education, urbanism, foreign affairs, each represented by an elected member. One by one, the members would climb on the stage and address the audience sitting in improvised seats. The fourth to speak was Professor Elro, in charge of the department of eco-sustainability and development. Their main task was to preserve the ecosystem of Aire and control the impact of all activities on the environment. The departments in general were open to all interested residents and representatives were chosen according to their experience and availability. So, not surprisingly, Professor Elro, who had documented research and grey hair to prove years of hard work, was considered thr right person for the job. He presented the ten-year-report on the improvement of air quality in Aire after the energy shied had been replaced with a more advanced

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