Personal Narrative Essay: The Big Bad Wolf

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The " big bad wolf".

Once upon a time there was a lonely wolf. This wolf roams around in the woods all day every day. His name was Benard Wolfington. His parents left him when he was a young pup, so now he stays here in these woods not knowing anywhere else to go. Travelers pass through the woods, from time to time, and Benard tries to talk to them but they ignore him and carry on their way. This upsets the wolf. When the wolf gets upset he lets out a howl and the wind from his breath blows the travelers carts apart. The travelers are very scared of Benard, and gave him the name Big Bad Wolf. Benard hated this name. He was not a bad wolf he was just lonely and wanted friends to talk to.

A little farther down from the forest was a small home.
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The house was very warm, and it was decently constructed. The second deer chose to make his out of sticks and vines that had fallen from the trees in the forest. His house was a little better made then his brothers. The last little deer is the oldest of the three, and he had saved a lot of money. Since he had a large amount of money he bought stone and mortar to make his house. His house was finely built. The three deer were happy with their homes. The season was changing, and it was getting cold now, so the wolf was looking for somewhere to stay warm for the winter. As Bernard was lurking pas the edge of the woods he noticed the three houses, and wondered if they would be kind enough to let him stay for a while. The wolf approached the first house made of wool. As he came closer the deer asked, "Who are you and what do you want?" Benard replied, " why my name is Benard my little deer friend. I was just wondering if I could stay in your home for a while." The little deer recognized Benard as the big bad wolf their mom said to stay away from. He said " No you are the mean old wolf from the forest. Find somewhere else!" The little deer then slammed his wool door. This upset the wolf and he let out a sad howl. The wind from his howl blew the wool apart, and the little deer hurried to his brother's …show more content…
The wolf dried his tears and walked to the house made of sticks and vines. He walked close to the house and the door opened. The little deer asked ''why are you hear, and why did you blow my brother's house down?" Benard replied " I am and just looking for some shelter before it gets to cold, and it was and acci..." The deer slammed the door before he could finish. The wolf let out another sad howl. His howl blew the vines apart, and made the sticks fly away. The two little deer hurried to their brothers

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