Staying In School Analysis

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Staying in school until around 5:30pm was always the norm for me. But it wasn't because I was in any varsity teams or advanced classes. Instead, it was because I was behind on the lesson and I was recommended by my math teacher to attend remedial classes during my first and second year. I had a carefree, light-hearted, "bahala na si Batman" kind of attitude towards my academics and I couldn't really join any varsity teams even if I wanted to because of it.

My attitude and academics didn't change by much in my sophomore year. I was still invited to remedial classes and I didn't believe that I could improve by much anymore. I would ask my friend during class to explain a segment of the topic but whenever I would ask for help, my teacher would tell my friend not to do so. I felt no improvement even if I attended remedial classes and tried. I had partially given up on improving in math. My only goal was to pass the subject and make it to junior year as I had already given up on getting good grades for math that school year.

By the second trimester of second year, report card day had come and I was hit with a sudden realisation that I might actually fail. I reassessed my grades and I was sure to fail. To my surprise and relief, I didn't fail but I knew I was hanging on a thin thread. This was when I decided to find a tutor to
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I got a tutor for the days when I didn't have remedial classes. I started to submit my requirements, putting ahead math in particular before other subjects because I knew how much I needed it. My teacher accused me of not trying hard enough before and I felt so worthless because of it. I was trying my best already but I just didn't understand whenever she tried to explain the topic. There were many things that she did throughout the year that I did not agree to or find favourable, but I had no choice but to keep trying my best despite

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