Essay On Why Soccer Is Important To Me

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For most of my life I was raised in Alaska. Thus making it a part of who I am. Living in Alaska you learn lessons that you wouldn 't learn growing up in other states. You learn what it means to live in nature, when you have moose walking through your yard, and….. Growing up I had a great childhood I get to experience things most kids don’t ever get to experience, like playing outside when it 's snowing and -10 degrees outside or seeing the sun at midnight in the summer. Alaska is an amazing place to grew up. It made me become more outdoorsy, athletic, and more environmentally aware. People in the Pacific Northwest say that they are outdoorsy, but until you’ve gone camping in the middle of nowhere, hiked actual mountains, or been chased by the …show more content…
Soccer has been my passion since I was 4 years old. It has been part of me and part of how I identify myself. High School Soccer was a great experience for me because it was a whole new level of soccer that I had never experienced before, it was a whole new adrenaline rush when I played with them. Getting to play soccer 6 days a week for 12-16 hours. We worked hard at soccer and we pushed ourselves past walls we never thought that we could ever break down. I also for to the incredible luck of experience going to the state tournament two years in a row. Which is an experience that very few people get to have. High school soccer was my favorite part about high school. When I look back that is what I 'm going to remember, because it was an eye opening experience that I will never forget. The other sport that I participated in in high school was track. Track didn 't play as major of a role in my life as soccer did, but it is still part of me and my high school experience. Track has also been my sport that I used to keep in shape for soccer, but over the years I 've learned to actually enjoy running. Crazy for me to say but going on four miles runs with my track friends is really

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