Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Holiday World

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My Trip to Holiday World

I could not believe it. I was going to holiday world for the third time! This time was extra special because my grandparents were going with us. As soon as dad got Kyndal into her car seat, we were off. Passing countless road signs and construction zones, I kept thinking to myself if we were ever going to get there. My grandparents were going to meet us at the cabin after we got back from our first day of Holiday world, so they were driving separately. Sis would not keep quiet and I had no headphones or earplugs, so I felt like I was being driven nuts instead of my dad’s Silverado.
Eventually my patience paid off and we pulled into a parking spot. I looked up and there was the raven. I could not wait to get my hands
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I was so excited to ride a roller coaster. Dad and I hopped in and the coaster took off. Once we got to the top of the first drop, my dad looked at me and said “why did you talk me into this?” BAM! The coaster was off in a vertical drop. Shaking and throwing us around, it was not the most pleasant ride. It was exhilarating, though. We met back up with mom and kyndal and went to go and find some more things that we could do. We walked around for a little while to just see what was around, and along the way Kyndal rode some more little rides that she saw. I wanted to ride Thunderbird so bad, but it was on the other side of the park, and no one else was up to ride it with …show more content…
I was really frustrated that we had to wait for the rain to quit, but the park did not open for another couple hours. We sat around and had mini donuts and milk for breakfast [I also had pizza] and got ready for the day at the park. By the radar it looked like it would stop by the time the park opened, so it wasn’t too bad. We took the trolley there this time so we wouldn’t have to take the truck and probably park way out in the parking lot. The trolley took us right to the front gates, picked up people that wanted to go back to lake Rudolf, and left. We got into the gates and I immediately talked my grandpa into going on the raven with me. It was still raining, so I knew those rain drops would not feel pleasant… especially where I was taking my grandpa. We got up there with hardly anyone in the line. I got onto the front row line. My grandpa thought I was crazy, but he did it with me. The stinging of the rain was like thousands of needles being thrown at you non stop. We got off and immediately went over to the Splashin

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