Personal Narrative Essay: My Sleep Call For Me

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My bed called for me. The long night along with the impromptu breakfast had me yearning for sleep. I took a long drink from a bottle of water and laid back on my rumpled blankets. Wadding the pillow into a tight ball, I nuzzled against its soft surface looking for that sweet, comfortable spot.
I really didn’t like sleeping much. It wasn’t the rest. It was the dreams. Every night my failure to keep Chris alive replayed over and over in my dreams. It made me dread getting any kind of rest.
But I was so tired, I just couldn’t stand it. I was almost aching with the need for slumber.
Just as I started to slip into unconsciousness, a loud, urgent knocking sounded from the door. At first I ignored it, but it sounded several more times with no sign of subsiding. In a huff I threw back the covers and hastily dressed. The pounding on
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They were probably useless. With no way to heat their engine blocks they had probably been ruined by the subzero temperatures. I was hoping the ones inside the quonset hut hangers were still operable, being sheltered from the harshest of the temperatures.
First, we cleared the outside, taking time to scan down the runways in search of any zombies lurching about out there. As we walked through the falling snow I noticed that some of the ghouls were wearing uniforms like the soldiers I was with. They must’ve been turned when the airport fell.
It was then that I noticed lumps in the snow. Curious, I kicked the snow from one. It was a body of a zombie, dead where it fell. It’s putrified flesh had white burns from being frozen so long. I wondered at how many were buried under the blanket of white.
In all, we took down twenty-three ghouls, five of which were crawlers, unable to walk for whatever reason. It was easy, out in the open. The real challenge would be clearing the buildings of any threat inside.
“Ok, which one do you want to try first?” one of the men said. He was asking

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