Personal Narrative: My Journey Back To America

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It was the summer of two thousand and fourteen I was twelve and preparing for my first trip out of the country. The trip would be my big summer vacation right before going back to school. Weeks before the trip started I would complain to my friends that the trip wouldn't be exciting and it would just be another trip my mother was dragging me along to. My mother is a high school science teacher and she likes to host trips around the world for her students to join along and gain a brand new learning experience. At the time I didn’t find going out of the country just to learn that exciting and would’ve much rather stayed home. Though later on my feelings for the trip will have changed completely.
The morning of the trip came everyone woke up
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The line to get through customs was humongous, it was quite overwhelming seeing a line zig zag through the large room giving a feeling that we will never be at the front. The time eventually came and we were off exploring a brand new airport. There we met the two other groups that would be on the same tour as us one from California the other from Virginia. In the airport our groups weren’t too social but later on the trip that will change. Because it was our arriving day we did not have any further plans on the itinerary other than to travel to the hotel and unpack. This allowed us to walk around the city of San Jose and see the city life before traveling to other less cultivated cities. When dinner came our groups gathered around in the dining hall and ate, you could tell that everyone was getting a good look at each other out of curiosity and considering that we all would be stuck together for ten days it makes sense. We only spent a day in San Jose after that we were off to a new location we changed locations about three or four times this would happen every one to two days because we were touring Costa Rica. Each day an activity would be planned like hiking through tropical rain forests, zip lining over the rainforests above the canopy, or even entering a volcano. These exciting activities gave me and everyone on the trip a bonding experience to meet each other and become friends. By the

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