Personal Narrative Essay: My First Friend Ever

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My First Friend Ever
The first time I got a friend was in pre kinder. I was sitting down on a rug and I was watching Bob the Builder and a child sat next to me and his name was Hippolito and he was a troublemaker and I did not know that but he looked cool so wondered if I could be his friend . So I went up to him and I asked him if he wanted to be friends and he said yes so we started hanging out in the classroom and once the day was over we thought we had to leave each other but it turns out that we rode the bus together .

On the bus I discovered something no mother wants her child to discover in there life. It turns out that Hippolito was a bad kid. I was looking at him and he started to pull markers out of his shirt that he had tucked in
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Then I gasped and said your not supposed to steal and he told me it was like borrowing just without giving the stuff you took back then he went on to say that when you borrow stuff just to do it without getting caught . At first I was totally convinced so the next day I went to school and borrowed a lot of markers I made sure the teacher wasn’t looking by telling my other friend to help him with his work . While I was doing this Hippolito was watching and he told me to go get him some and I said ok . So shoved handfuls of markers into my shirt by the time I was done I looked like a stuffed turkey . Hippolito told me to put on my puffy jacket to cover up all of the markers so I said yes . So I put my jacket on and it was already time to leave . So when we left we got on the bus and we took all of the markers out of my shirt Hippolito asked me if he could have some I said yes and he started to pick all of the markers he wanted . When I got home my mom was cooking and she asked if I was hungry I said yes then she grabbed my backpack and then I noticed she started to look in it I didn’t care but …show more content…
So she got her phone and called the school and asked if the teacher gave me all those markers and the teacher said no and my mom told me to return the markers the next day . I got in trouble with my mom and she whooped me and I started to cry and the next day when I went to return the markers the teacher got mad at me to she gave me lunch detention . While I got lunch detention Hippolito got detention to so he could be in there with me and so we could talk . When I told him what happened and he felt bad that I got in trouble and he didn’t . So he told the teacher that he basically persuaded me to do it . He ended up getting in trouble to but there was only one perk about it . At least we could talk to each other . Then

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