Personal Narrative Essay: My First Amusement Rides

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First Amusement Rides

I was so scared I did not know what to expect when the bar came down locking me in. It was my very first time riding actual rides besides a ferris wheel and a merry go round and I was excited but also extremely nervous. My older brother was trying to tell me that it was fine and reassured me several times that the sign that said you can’t ride if you have a medical condition was for broken arms and legs, not for a heart condition. After finally considering this a million times I decided why not and by the end of the day, I was processing the earlier events that unfolded.

Earlier that day my cousin came to spend the day with us at the fair and since it was a family night, the tickets for rides were on sale. My two brothers,
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The first ride I decided to go on was the pirate ship one with my brothers and cousin. My older brother decided to sit in the middle of the pirate ship with me being this was my first ride and the middle did not go as high as the rest of the ship. I was excited and nervous at the same time and when the metal bar came down, I held on knowing there was no turning back …show more content…
If you go on it then I will buy you food.” he said. I was really hungry but I told him we can go on it after another ride and that I wasn't comfortable going on it just yet. He ended up going with my younger brother instead.

Next we went on the bumper cars, which were really fun. It was my first time going on the bumper cars and I could finally mark that off my list of things to do. When I first got in a car I felt embarrassed because I got in a non-working car, so I had to switch cars. After that though, I had a blast. Not only was fun learning how to turn the cars, but it was also fun bumping into others and pinning them so other people can bump their cars. My brothers and cousin would team up against each other and somehow my car was the one that was pinned.

Next we went on the ferris wheel which in all honesty was fun until my cousin got the most brilliant idea to start pushing the seat side to side. After the ferris wheel, I ended up going on the scrambler with my older brother because earlier I told him we could go. I had no idea what to expect and when the scrambler started to move I ended up closing my eyes so I wouldn’t get dizzy. Closing my eyes helped and it made me think that I was on a bike ride going up and down hills. “You don’t want to open your eyes and see the pretty lights?” My brother asked me. I tried opening my eyes and all I saw was a rainbow of colors flood my vision all around me and I started to

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