Personal Narrative Essay: My Best Friend And Being Friends

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My best friend and Being friends with someone for fifteen years doesn't mean that you truly know them. My used to be best friend and I done everything together. We became pregnant at sixteen, tried to figure life out, and went on our first mom vacation together. It seemed like we was sisters separated at birth. Then one day everything about the person I thought I knew started becoming the person I never truly met.
I met when we was in middle school; it was like we had grown up together. We would stay the night at each others, go to the movies, and even attended each others family functions. We joined every club and went to every school event together. When we got in high school people thought we were sisters. At sixteen, we both became pregnant and were due a few weeks apart. We had dreams of going to college, doing the spring break teenage thing, and getting a place together. We had done everything else together, so we knew we could face being moms at a young age. We graduated high school, got married, had another child, divorced, and made a plan to tackle motherhood. Being a single mom of two kids in your twenties was never the plan, nor would it be
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We took our kids to school, said our good-byes and we was on the road. We sang, we danced, we laughed, and we even cried. The trip on the way there seemed like forever but it was worth it. It was nice being able to enjoy ourselves without kids interrupting and being able to enjoy a dinner without extra fingers in our plate. Seeing people on the street corners there made us quickly realize that yes we may struggle and yes we may worry how we are going to make it to the next pay check but at least we had a roof over our heads and a bed to lay on. We had never been in a big city so seeing the homeless everywhere we turned was something new. The last day there we visted the Grand Ole Opra and just relaxed in the

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