Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Apartment

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This school year, I decided to get an off campus apartment instead of staying on campus in a dorm. It was a last minute decision, but I wanted the experience of truly being on my own. Because I waited so long to get an apartment, a lot of them were already taken. An old friend of mine introduced me a girl named Danielle the previous school year and she happened to be looking for a roommate as well. We texted and a few weeks later I was approved to move into the apartment with her. I did not really know her, but from the few times we have hung out she seemed like a really nice person. After move-in day, everything was really good in our apartment. She cooked for us, the apartment was kept clean, and we had the same circle of friends so there were no uncomfortable …show more content…
No one was upset or angry after the discussion and majority of the listed issues were resolved. I feel that it even created a stronger bond between us. We now have an open line of communication and can speak freely about our frustrations with each other.

I’ve known my best friend Brittany since the 4th grade but we didn’t become friends immediately. Our first interaction was actually an argument over something I said about her hair. The following year at our 5th grade graduation, we found out that our moms were friends from college. When they began hanging out again, we were around each other more. Eventually we let the situation die and we became friends. Fast forward to now, Brittany is one of the two people I call a best friend.
About a month ago, I planned on going back home, to Memphis, to visit with family and to hang out with her because it had been awhile since we have gotten to hang out. I texted her to see if she would be free when I was in town and she was. We planned to go to the movies and walk around downtown. I was excited because I haven’t seen her in so long and whenever we get around each other it’s always a good

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