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There are many challenges that face us each and every day, some might be small (forgetting to charge your phone), while others can be more serious problems (losing a loved one). My life is filled with a bunch of small problems, there aren't that many instincts of me facing life-changing problems and I like that I hate being in stress. But even though that may not occur as often it still happens and in this essay, I talk about me moving to the U.S. at the age of 7 and how that experience changed me as a person.
I’m a forgettable person, I tend to forget stuff easily and I’ve been like this ever since I was a kid. That's how I knew that those days were so important to me, I remember every small detail about that moment. I remember how the voice of the lady over the speakers sounding like
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Their were at least a million new things i discovered in the first month, weather it’s was football or spray cheese each day I had learned something new. I also realized that many of the things i used to back were unsuitable or just unheard of. The first couple of weeks I had to act and did things I would normally not do which I hated. Then I became aware that I didn’t have to change my personality and that the way to adapt is by just keep an open mind and not be quick to judge when I see something that i think is outlandish. The best way to adjust as fast as possible is just by immersing yourself into the culture, the more i exposed myself the better i understood and adapted. Moving to the U.S. has to be the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my lifetime because I had to leave family and friends, learn a new language, and adapt to a new and different culture. I’ve learned a lot through this experience and it has changed me as a person. I learned how to look on the positive side of things and how to adapt to different situations, but the most important lesson I learned is to never give

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