Personal Narrative Essay: Life, The Unexpected Adventure

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Life the Unexpected Adventure

Twists and turns change every part of the adventure, we call Life. Heavy underbrush and dark forest dot the path leading to open clearings where ideas and opportunities soar. My paths has been strewn by different educational opportunities that have led to dead ends, unforeseen events, and brambles blocking the way. The future journey started to become clear when I was young, but came into fruition once the special someone began walking the path alongside me. While education has been vital to the journey, it is intersected by countless byways; leading to where I stand now. The opportunity to go back to school was not in my original plan, until events forcible changed the route to health information technology (HIT).
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After much research my trail let me to job service and were I found out I qualified for a WIOA. WIOA –“is part of the Montana Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (Montana Department of Labor and Industry)”. I also found out that in most cases, they pay 100% for retraining. This singular event is what started me on my current path in Health Information …show more content…
As a health information technologist I would “organize and evaluate health records for completeness and accuracy (Great Falls College; Montana State University).” I would will finish this program with an AAS (associates of applied science) in Health information technology, and be able to work in medical records. I will be able to go further in the career and specialize in place such as medical billing and coding, or in building data bases for medical record. The outlook is above average at 15% for growth rate as a medical records professional or a health information technician (Bureau of Labor Statistics).I can choose to specialization either when starting to work or while in school, part of it all depends on job

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