Personal Narrative Essay: A Memorable Journey

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A memorable journey
On December 18, 1980, Brian Czech got into a station wagon with his parents and siblings. At that time, traveling by plane was expensive and not practical for a big family who wanted to have a multi-city holiday on the west coast of the United States. The station wagon was a long car which had three seats in the row, three in the middle row and it had a seventh seat at the back of the car. They had enough stuff packed for the seven of them for a long, 16-days journey to California and Nevada. They had multiple suitcases full of clothes, lots of Doritos and some sandwiches for the road. Brian’s mom, dad, and his two older siblings have already had their driving license at that time, so the four of them took turns at driving
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Gambling was one of the favorite activities of Brian’s parents and since there was a slot machine at the restaurant, his dad, Albert tried winning money while the kids were eating,. He was lucky enough to win enough to pay for the food with that. But after they finished eating, the family continued the trip and at noon, they arrived at Lake Tahoe in Nevada, where they spent the next two nights, but these two days weren’t exactly like a typical family vacation. Brian’s parents visited the casino of the hotel both afternoons, so the children stayed in the room on the first day and visited the video games room on the second day, because they could not really do anything else since they weren’t allowed to enter the casino. On the 21st of December, they had breakfast in the morning and after that, they packed their stuff and got into the …show more content…
Unfortunately for the kids, they had to stay in the car while the parents tried different local wines at different wineries. At the end of the day, the Czech family arrived at the Travelodge in Anaheim. On the 24th of December, one day before Christmas, they went to the amusement park, Knott’s Berry Farm. Brian has been to theme parks in Minnesota before, but this was something else. Knott’s Berry Farm was much bigger, there were more people and this was the first time he sat on a rollercoaster that had a loop. Montezooma’s Revenge was the name of it, and he enjoyed it so much that he’s been a fan of amusement parks and rollercoasters since that day. After returning to the hotel after a long and exciting day, the kids went to the outside swimming pool. The weather was not like how it would have been in Minnesota, so they could swim in the water without freezing. While swimming in the pool, suddenly a man entered the bath area. Santa Claus appeared, and the kids were really excited that Santa visited them on their trip, but several years later it turned out that Santa was only their dad, Albert, who was smart enough to take his Santa costume to California to make his kids happy. On Christmas day, the Czech family visited Disneyland in Los Angeles. The kids really enjoyed their time there, it

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