College Admissions Essay: A Lover Of The Arts

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A Lover of the Arts
Ever since I can remember I have loved , seeing, hearing, and creating art of all kinds. My favorite thing to do when I was little was grab a blank piece of printer paper and whatever I could find to draw and just doodle away. When I was little and I heard music playingI would sing along even if I didn’t know the lyrics and just move my body. By the way…I still dance like a maniac whenever I hear a good jam come on, and no it does not matter where I am. Drawing animals, dancing to music, and my passion for creating fictional stories has followed me all the way to adulthood.
I believe I’ve always been a creative thinker but theres one thing in my childhood that most definitely instilled a love and appreciation of the arts
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Especially, being in Sound System for the past three years has been the most exciting experience of my high school career. This group has enhanced my overall vocal, dancing, and performing abilities beyond what I could have ever imagined. My involvement in the arts that my school offers were no surprise to me or anyone around me. As a result my involvement in many art-related programs, I have become a better musician, I have gained technical skills in visual arts, and I have practiced giving life to my own creative conceptions. The feeling I get when I have just finished performing, or I have finished a piece of art I’ve been working on for days, or even when I’m sharing some of my writing is unlike any other feeling I’ve ever had. I work especially hard to put everything I have into my projects in the arts, and this is what makes it so special to me. When I create, I put a piece of myself into my work out for the world to see. And the satisfaction I get from this is overpowers the vulnerability that comes with being an …show more content…
While I have not decided exactly what I which career path I want to pursue after high school, I have thought about many areas in the arts such as, film and music production, music performance, and journalism. I think I would like to eventually experiment with all of these areas, I guess I will just have to see where my talents take me. I was born to create and I know that for a fact. So that is exactly what I am going to do. Despite my parents understandable concern for my success if I pursue a career in the arts, but I genuinely believe I have the raw ability and most importantly the drive to make anything happen for

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