Personal Narrative Essay: A Leap Of Faith

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A Leap of Faith Sweaty palms, anxiety building inside the chest, face feeling flushed, all because of the one emotion that rattles more cages than anything else: fear. Fear has such a strong hold on each and every person in this world. It can drive us to do better in spite of it, or it can cause you to run as fast as you can in the other direction. I do not have many fears, but the one that trumps them all is heights. This fear has such a strong hold over me that I really was never looking to overcome it. However, one day a couple a friends decided to put me up to the test.
I hate everything that has to do with heights. Even going over bridges scares me so much. My best friend, Mikayla, knows this better than anyone. When I went to the beach
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I peered out over the edge watching the water below mocking me as it flowed down stream. Looking to my left, I noticed Mikayla and Bruce giving me nods of encouragement. Just then, a strange feeling came over me. In my entire life I had never felt as safe as I had that day. It never occurred to me the kind of people I had in my life. All of a sudden my nerves began to lessen. Out of nowhere my hand decided to grab Zach’s. My legs began sweeping me forwards. The edge quickly approached. The next thing I knew I was flying through the air.
The water washed away all my worries. A refreshing feeling overcame my whole body. From my head to my toes I felt that gross swamp water clean me out. Coming up to the surface was the best part. My friends up on the cliff were so happy for me and cheering so forcefully they almost took an unintentional dive. All that up there was great, it really was, but the best feeling I have ever felt was when I looked over at Zach. He had a look on his face that I will never forget. Ear to ear his entire expression was one big smile
Without diminishing his smile, he looked over at me and said, “I told you that you could do
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Are you scared or something?” My mockery was enough to send them crashing down like cannon balls.
“You know Zach, Lisa actually jumped before you.” Bruce mocked his longtime best friend. Zach answered that with a big splash right in Bruce’s face, and then a race back up the cliff to see which one of them would make it back down before the other. The rest of that day was filled with a lot of laughs, and the best memories I have up to this day. It felt amazing to have finally been able to overcome my fear . After a while I forgot what I was so scared of in the first place. I couldn’t believe that I had made it. I jumped off a cliff. And the world kept

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