Personal Narrative: Broken Leg

Broken Leg

Have you ever broke the biggest bone in your body? Little did I know that this event would change my life for ever. It was my dad,mom,brother,my friend Alex,Alex's mom Rachel,and Alex’s dad T.J. We were in the Ozarks at about 3:00 P.M. We had just drove all day to get here for our vacation. My brother,Alex, and me were on the dock checking on the fishing poles they had set out. We reeled all the poles in because we were getting ready to go jet skiing. There was nothing on the poles. We went back up to the condo that we were staying in and changed into our swimming trunks.We waited about a half an hour for our parents to get ready. While we waited we watched golf. It was probably the most boring half hour of my life.
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Of course being my dad he wanted to try something dangerous. We were flying down the lake when he yelled,”HOLD ON”. I was so confused on what he was going to do. He braked really fast then tried to turn the jet ski 180 degrees. It didn’t really work, when we turned we hit a wake halfway through and my dad and I flew off the jet ski. When we hit the water it felt like hitting solid cement. I went underwater and I thought I was drowning even though I had a life jacket on. I had a very sharp pain in my leg. I came up and yelled at my dad, “My leg is broke my leg is broke”, He yelled back “it is not you probably just pulled a muscle”. My dad didn’t hook the safety strap so the jet ski was motoring around slowly. We had another jet ski that came and got me. We weren’t very far from the dock. My friend was on the other jet ski that came and got me. I pulled myself up on the jet ski. It hurt so much. We had to go very slow back to the dock and even then I was in pain. When we got back to the dock my dad lifted me out of the water and up onto the dock. When I got up on the dock I could feel something popping in my leg and every time it did it hurt. I sat in a chair and my mom gave me some tylenol. I ate a sandwich and I was trying to decide if I should go to the hospital. I sat on the dock for about an hour. My dad wanted me to get up and walk and I told him no. He said ,”if I don't walk he is going

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