Creative Writing: The City Of Tropicana

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It was just an ordinary day at Tropicana City, the sun was shining and there were no clouds in sight. Tropicana is a beautiful city that is by the ocean. About 10-15 miles away from the shore, there is a very dark and gloomy island that nobody has ever been to. Although Tropiana is a city of beauty, there is a gloomy part of town that no one wants to visit. I went to the library with my twin brother,Nathan, to do our homework. I was working on my math homework and my brother was reading a book about dragons. Once I had finished my math and science homework, my brother had finished 1 and a half books.
“Ileana,Nathan exclaimed,”come here and hurry!!!”
“ What’s wrong Nathan?” I asked worriedly.
“Look what I found inside of this book!”he responded.
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Our hearts pounding with fear, we set sail towards the island of pure darkness. We definitely knew we had reached our destination because all we could see for miles was fog and darkness, it was so cold and gloomy. “ Why is it so cold here?” Nathan asked with a shivery voice.
I responded, “I don’t know but, I think it may have to do with the person who wrote that note.”
We finally reached land our bodies couldn’t stop shaking from fear. All of the sudden, we spotted a yellow and gray brick road so, we followed the road because we thought it would lead us to a place that would give us a clue about who wrote the letter. As we went along the path, the road kept getting grayer and grayer. Once we reached the end of the road we saw a building in the distance.
Nathan and I made our encounter to the castle. Our hearts were pounding as fast as a cheetahs’ run! Together, we knocked on the door three times and went in, all we heard were distant creeks throughout the castle. We came across a fancy door that looked larger than the rest,so we knocked and waited for a response. There was no answer. We decided to go in uninvited and we heard a little sound of someone crying. We could not find where the sound was coming
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Mr.Big responded,” Well, my daughter Fu Fu, she left about 5 months ago because she was married and had her own little ratling and I have my own little ratlings too (:’,!”
Mr.Big unlocked a suspicious door and out of it came a huge swarm of...MICE!!!!! They were soooo fast that we could barely out run them. All of the sudden, they all turned into, bull dogs!! They got faster and faster until, we were surrounded and trampled by all of the dogs. I slithered my way back to the castle door and as I did that, Nathan distracted the dogs for me. My heart was still pounding like a drum from the chase.
“Mr.Big, please can you stop all of this craziness?” I pleaded.
“Why should I,”Mr.Big explained,” if I have to be lonely, then everyone deserves to be lonely!!”
I waited in silence for a while.
“Leave, NOW, and don't come back EVER again.”Mr.Big ordered.
I went outside to all of the chaos and I suddenly got a brilliant idea. I called Nathan over to tell him exactly what to do.
I went home and came back in the hugest hurry I have ever been in. I got our pet mouse named Fluffy Fu Fu. It was such an cowincedent that our mouse had a very similar name to Mr.Big’s daughter. I had to get back to the island as fast as I could because the darkness was spreading more and more every second. As I was heading back to the island all i could see was darkness and all I could feel was the coldness of the

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