Personal Narrative: An Electrocuted Man

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The Electrocuted Man

One stormy night, as I was out walking just outside of Lime Spring, Iowa, lightning began flashing every second across the sky. The wind developed a creepy whistle to it. Whoooo! Whooo! While I walked across the bridge over the Upper Iowa River, the water started to rise. Higher and higher every second. Soon the water was over the bridge. I started to run full sprint, so I wouldn’t get caught in the rushing water. As I was running, I came to a halt. The rain was still coming down pretty hard. I couldn’t see anything because my face was filled with rain drops. I opened my mouth to let the rain tickle my throat. I watched a bright bolt of lightning zig-zagged all the way across the sky and lit up a barn building in the distance. I started walking toward the direction of the barn. As the barn came into view, I could see it was covered with aged brick and siding. I also saw a sign. I could only read the sign when the lightning flashed, because that was my only light. The sign said, “Lidtke Mill.” I checked the doors to see if they were locked, but once I pushed on them, they flew right open. I was surprised that the inside of the Lidtke Mill was bright and creepy. The building was full of dust and flour, but it had nobody inside. While I stepped closer and closer to the
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It was like I was talking to a ghost. He never really looked at me or acknowledged I was talking to him. He started to move over to where I was. He reached forward. I thought that he was going to attack me. I ducked out of the way, but all he did was reach for the light switch. As he reached for the switch to turn off the lights, I saw a drop of water fall on the floor from his hands. Then the lights went berserk . All of the lights were going off and on again. I looked at the man and realized that he was being electrocuted. I couldn’t hear anything besides the echoing of his

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