Personal Narration: The Causes Of Irritation?

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The Causes of Irritation
So, Yes, if someone says no to me then they are blocking me, blocking my goals. How can people do that? Get in the way of my goals, I mean. Now I am beginning to get irritated. I can feel myself wanting to hate them. What a terrible person. I can tell I am beginning to withdraw from things. My connection with people is broken. Now, I don’t like this person, who got in the way and started blocking me.

What I have to deal with now is betrayal. This person kept me from doing what I wanted to do, they hurt me. Now I begin to wonder, why do people betray one another. Why did this person betray me. More importantly what do I do about.

Dr. B:
Right, so you lose connection and you start to get irritated. They 're is disappointment and withdrawal. Your internal conversation increases and your conversation with the people around you begins to diminish, not the kind of energy you want to be giving off. When trust is broken it is devastating. What you have to try and do, is establish connection some how. You have to figure that, the person that told you no was not trying to break connection with you. They were not looking to stop you from your life goals. They were just answering a
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Do as many push ups and crunches as you need to in order to be in the right frame of mind. Then treat the fourth option as the only option. You must tell yourself there is only one right response and that is being solution orientated. You know to reject the first three responses and begin and end with the fourth response. “How can we work together to come up with a solution that will be right for both you and me? Brilliant, no opportunity to feel betrayed or to feel like your trust was broken. The sense of being trapped or blocked never has a chance to fully set in because, all these are replaced with a recognized opportunity to collaborate with the person on the other side of the

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