Personal Essay

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Like everything a simple idea can have the biggest influence in life that is why I am thankful that my parents have engraved the idea that with just the right amount of effort anything is possible. This simple idea has helped me through some of the most challenging subjects in school. It even helped me through one of the most difficult times in school which was learning how to read. Learning how to read fluently in English was one of the most difficult things for me to do in school. A reason for this is because when I was little my primary language was Spanish, because I had lived here in the Rio Grande Valley for most of my life, and English was never really spoken in my family. All this changed though because when I was in second grade …show more content…
The first career that I remember catching my eye was a police officer mainly because it seemed like a easy job and it only required four years of college which to me would feel like a breeze. I then started taking law enforcement classes so I would know what to expect in what I thought would be my future career. While taking those classes I started to realize that maybe being a police officer was not the best career for me because while it may have seemed like an easy career at the time there was more to it. I learned this when I took Court System Analysis with a former police and narcotic officer that had lived in various places in Texas until he moved back here to Rio Grande City and started to teach after working for Pan Am for a while. He had lots of stories about what he had experienced as a cop and what it was like. One of the things that he would always emphasize on was the fact that being a police officer was not easy and would take a lot of dedication on your part. He would say this mainly because while working for Pan AM he would sometimes only sleep for a couple of hours before having to leave again. He said that this was difficult to him because as father he was not always able to be with his children. Having dedication was not the only thing that I learned from being in that class the other was that while many people may find being a police officer interesting, I did not.

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