Personal Essay: Up, Up And Away

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Up, Up, and Away

“Kyan! Watch where you’re going, dude!” He barely missed a tree limb, flying at almost one hundred miles per hour. “You’re going to kill yourself.” “Sorry,” he muttered. We were getting our daily exercise in, which consists of flying for around three hours, give or take a few. You are probably wondering, what are these kids flying? A plane? A helicopter? Nope, neither. The only thing we have with wings is ourselves. Yep, you heard me right. Don’t bother rereading that sentence because I know you read it right the first time. We have wings. Therefore, we can fly, and yes, we are humans. For the most part anyway. Ninety-six percent of our DNA is human; the other four percent is avain. Who knew four percent could change
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In a nutshell, all of our parents knew each other and were good friends before any of us were even born. How they knew each other still remains a mystery to the four of us. No one says it aloud, but we all know that my father is the one to blame for this whole mess. Growing up, my father was always obsessed with birds. They were his favorite animal by a landslide. Kids always get asked the question, “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” My dad didn’t want to be able to read minds, become invisible, or even have super-human strength. No. My dad wanted to fly. Always wanted to. Unfortunately, his dream of flying was put on hold when he met my mom. (They got married four months after they met.) They were obviously very anxious to start a family because Mom was pregnant with me three months after they tied the knot. My dad had found himself a wife and was expecting his first child! So when my dad got hooked on Methamphetamine, things got out of control. As expected, Dad introduced it to Mom, along with their friends, who just happened to be Flynn, Melody, and Kyan’s parents. Please remember my dad’s …show more content…
“Rocket” was our key word which meant to shoot up like a geyser AFAP. (We like to mimic humans. Humans with 100% human DNA, that is, and try to use all their slang and what not. One time when we were grocery shopping, we heard this mom yelling at her kid, “When we get home, you need to get that science project done ASAP!” We Googled it and realized that ASAP meant “as soon as possible.” So we modified that particular phrase to fit the flock and came up with AFAP: as fast as possible. Oh, sorry I got sidetracked. That happens a lot. Let’s get back to bird-kid chase, shall we?) “One, two,three!” I yelped. The wind was unusually harsh today, and my face was starting to hurt from trying to fly through it as fast as I was going. Then I realized it wasn’t the wind that was hurting my face. In fact, it wasn’t the wind at all. You know when you have those nightmares where the bad guy is chasing you, but when you try to run away, your feet are like glued to the ground? Well, that was currently happening to me right now, only in real life. Except while I was trying to run away from the bad guys, my parents, it was not my feet that were glued to the ground. My whole upper body was caught in a net covered in some sticky, slimy mess. Which they had most likely dropped on top of the trees earlier today knowing that this would be our escape route. Smart. Are we that easy to predict? I mean we have wings for crying out loud! Note to self: come up

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