Personal Essay: The Dreams Of Being A Veterinarian

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When a person is young they have goals that they wish to have when they are older. My goals were to have a big house, be a veterinarian and when I was old enough to realize what had happened to adopt siblings. I have a few stories that go along with these goals and here they are.
When I was a little I always had a dream of being a veterinarian. I’ve always had a huge attachment to animals. Once when I was about seven or eight my sister and I, were walking back to my grandma’s from my friend’s house when we spotted a little puppy under a truck. We eventually with some coxing got the puppy to follow us back to my grandma’s house. My grandma didn’t want to keep her so my biological mother came to get the puppy. She was just a little German Shepard
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My family has only lived in one big house, but we unfortunately had to move because of the cost of propane. So, I have always had a dream of having a big house as I grew up. The big house that we had was on the outskirts of Millstadt. I had a barn, a garage, a shed, three bedrooms, one bathroom, a foyer, and even a basement. Growing up I had both good and bad memories in that house. One bad memory was the time that my mom fell down the basement stairs. We had two cats in the house which we weren’t even supposed to have, and she tripped over the cat and fell down the stairs. I thought that I was the broom but my sister knew something was wrong, so we went to check on what had happened. We saw my mom lying on her back at the bottom of the steps. We ran to get our aunt who lived with us at the time. She called 911. The ambulance couldn’t get the stretcher through the door so my mom had to walk up the steps and outside with a broken tailbone and a hole in her head. My mom had to get stitches in her head, which she still has the scar of to this day. One good story about the big house is how I met my best friend who lived down the street. With the big house I could have people stay the night all the time. Now with the smaller houses I couldn’t. I remember having a sleep over with my best friend Meghan, and another friend Anna. We used to act like the tree way out in our corn field was the Bridge to Terabithia. I’ve had really good times and bad times in that house. I’ve also always wanted a big house because in my mind I put it this way, if any family member or friend lost their house for any reason they would have a place to go. This shows why I want a big house and what good and bad things could come out of

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