Character Trait Essay

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Every individual on this earth is different. Not only biologically speaking, but also in the sense of our character. Our character, or personality, is the sum of all the traits that make us who we are. These traits are shaped throughout our lives. Six major traits that have made me the person I am today are: love and caring, temperance, courage, love of learning, justice, and spirituality. Each of these traits have been influenced by key incidences, both positive and negative ones, as well as by powerful role models. My sense of love and caring was shaped during an almost traumatic expiree in high school. Love and caring, to me, means showing deep affection or attachment to someone or something else. It is not necessarily about romance. …show more content…
My father grew up in a house where love is rarely expressed. His father was a rough, and stern man, who had a long career in the military. His time in the war had made him very detached from the world. This is not say he was a bad father however. My grandfather was able to raise and support his 6 children. He gave them the tools they needed to succeed in the future. However his parenting style had a lasting effect. Just like his father, my dad had trouble expressing love towards his sons. It always felt forced to him, it didn’t come naturally. The reason why is because he never received overt love from his own father. Our parents have a huge impact on the people we become. They shape and mold us for the first 18 years of our lives. My grandfather not telling his sons he loved them, lead to my dad, and eventually me doing the same thing. However this changed following my dad’s near death experience. When I learned from the doctors, that he was going to be okay, I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy, relief and even guilt. The guilt came from the fact that I could have just lost him, without me expressive my love towards him. When I was on my way to visit him, I resolved to change my ways. When he woke up, I told him I loved, and expressed how sorry I was for never telling him that before. The near death experience made me realized that life is so short. What you have one day, can be taken away from you in an instances without any warning. That is why you must always value each day, and moment you spend with those that you love unconditionally. People like your parents. I never realized how fortunate I was to have such great parents, until I nearly lost one. There are people in this world who no longer have, or who have never known, their parents. And there I was taking mine for granted. Following this influential experience I vowed never to do this again. There is

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