Reflective Essay: My Personal Journey Of Writing

Personal Journey
Writing has never been a favorite activity of mine, ever since I was young I found it difficult to put my thoughts down on paper. Possibly because I was always afraid of what people thought about the things I was saying. But the thing that impeded my ability to write the most was my lack of concentration, as soon as I start to write down one of my thoughts I find that my mind quickly starts wandering off to other places. I think it happens because I’m not overly fond of writing, and I’d rather be doing something else than struggling to get my ideas on paper. For me there is a bigger issue than just having the concentration to write an essay, the issue is that for me to write a decent paper I need to have a good amount of knowledge
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Getting over my fears of writing is something I need to do if I want to become a better writer. I’m always afraid of what people think of my writing, and I need to just accept that some people might like it and others may not. As I stated earlier in this paper I tend to get distracted quite easily, which has happened numerous times already when writing this. After I get distracted I lose my train of thought and forget what I was writing about, which leads to problems with my essay. Handwriting my essays before I type them out can really help me focus more, I don’t have a bunch of things on my computer to keep me distracted. My lack of concentration is something desperately need to work on to improve my writing skills, the more I get sidetracked the more issues I have keeping my momentum going, and thought’s flowing.
There are a lot of things I still need to improve upon with my writing, but most of them come with time and experience. The best I can do is to work on my procrastination, and lack of concentration. Another thing I need to do is learn not to worry what other people think about my writing, and just go with what feels right to me. I’ve come a long way over the past few years but there is still a lot of improving I need to

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