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It has always been my dream to be an independent person. When I was a child, I have always imagined myself being a grown man and taking care of my own. I wanted to know how would it feel when my parents take care of the house, pay the bills and bring groceries and everything grown up people do. I realized the only way to feel this responsibility is to study abroad. This became my goal because in my culture, we are supposed to depend on our parents and family until we get married. Being in the 9th grade with these thoughts made me study hard so I can get a scholarship. I told my parents about my goal and they were shocked I would make such a decision. My mother did not support my choice because she loved me so much she could not imagine me going …show more content…
Every Friday afternoon, my whole family gathers in my grandmother house, and I could not wait for that day so I can meet Nasser. When that day came and my father called me so we can go to my grandmother’s house, I rushed to my father’s car. When we arrived, I was the first one to get out of the car. When I met Nasser, I asked him a lot of questions about him living in the United States and he answered all of them, and that made me even more excited to about studying and living in the United States. He told me if I study hard and get a good grade in high school, I will get the scholarship to study in the United States, and that what I decided to do.
The three years of high school studying are the years which determine every student’s future. Once I got to high school, I realized that I am the only one who is going to accomplish my goal. I started siting in the first row of the classes. My friends Ahmed and Khalid did not care
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I got accepted two days after, which made one of the lucky one who got accepted fast. I had to choose a university to apply to; one of first decisions was Arizona state university. Because of a lot of people recommendations I decided to go to

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