Personal Contributions: Personal Characteristics By Samuel Jepson

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Personal attributes
Samuel Jepson

Technical knowledge 2
Planning and organisational skills 3
Problem solving skills 3
Flexibility and adaptability skills 4
Communication skills 4
Team working skills 4
Self-motivation skills 5
Leadership qualities 5
Creativity 5
Respect 6
Dependability 6
Punctuality 6
Determination 6
Independent workers 6
Time management 7
Health and safety 7
Following organisational procedures 7
Adhering to legislation 7
Standard ways of working 7

Personal Attributes
Technical knowledge

Technical refers to technology and knowledge is where you know a lot of information and have experience in a certain subject so technical knowledge
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Someone with good planning and organisational skills would be able to manage their time efficiently. In on organization an employee might have deadlines to achieve certain tasks such as fixing a set amount of computer’s.

Planning and organisational skills are very important in the work place as employers are wanting staff which can manage their time effectivity which means they can be more productive. Employers want to skills as it will mean that employee can complete more tasks to a higher level. An example of someone which poor planning and organisational skills would be, someone that rushes work and does it at the last minute. This could also lead to mistakes which could have a big impact within a business.

An example of a job that requires a lot of planning and organisational skills would be an IT manager, they would be in charge of organizing the IT staff to work effectively. Also they would need to organize and plan for staff absences. If an It manager didn’t have these skills they wouldn’t be very effective and this would lower
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Employer will look for these skills as it shows the employee can manage their time effectively. This is a very important feature employers will look for as time wasted can cost the company money.

An example of a job that requires good time management skills would be a website developer they would need to manage their time correctly so they can update the website quickly.
Health and safety
Health and safety is the regulations and procedures intended to prevent accident or injury in the work place.

Employers will look for employees with good health and safety skills as they want them to work safely.

Following organisational procedures
This is where the employee will follow the rules set by the business. You want employees that follow the rules correctly.

Employers will want employees to follow these procedures as it is set my by the organization for a reason.

Adhering to legislation

This means following the law, its important a worker follows this so the employee and the business don’t get in any legal problems.

Employers want this skill as means the employee is abiding by the law when they are working.

Standard ways of working

This is where

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