Example Of A Wedding Planner

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A Wedding Planner
A wedding planner is a professional whose work is helping couple plan their wedding in time by offering design, plans, and management skills.
A wedding planner is an ideal choice when both the bride and groom are busy with their jobs, and therefore they have limited time to juggle between work and planning a wedding.
Wedding planners do not have the usual working hours as most people; this is because they mostly work on weekends and evenings. On weekends and evenings that is when they have to meet the bride and groom to discuss plans that are underway for the wedding.
There are three types of wedding planners:
1. A full-service planner to arrange every detail
2. A day-of coordinator who starts working a month before the wedding
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This timeline informs all the parties involved in the planning process (vendors, both families, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers the bride and groom) when to do what.
• A wedding planner also gives tips to you on what are the current cool trends on the wedding scene.
• They also give tips on the proper etiquettes to practice during the wedding ceremony and reception.
• Maintaining constant communication with everyone involved with the wedding planning process
• It is also the role of a wedding planner to handle invitations. They should be involved in the wording, addressing to the guest list a client made and mailing the invitations. It is also their job to follow up on RSVPs.
• Assist the bride and groom in selecting a wedding theme and ensure that the theme is applied throughout the event.
• They also keep in constant communication with the officiant of the wedding so as to give them the timeline of the rehearsals and the wedding.
• A wedding coordinator also arranges for transport for various supplies and equipment for the big day.
• Preparing a checklist for all activities and tasks that need to be done. They also ensure that the tasks and activities are
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They include:
• Sales and negotiations skills
• Excellent organizational and planning skills
• Budget management skills
• Attention to detail
• Time management skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Problem-solving skills
• Have a good sense of style and fashion
In addition to these skills, a wedding planner must be social, know how to network, be patient, and know how to work under pressure with admirable calm.

Wedding planners charge their clients in three different ways:
1. They charge a flat fee
2. They may charge hourly
3. Lastly, they charge a percentage of your overall wedding bill.
Hiring a wedding planner may sound like an extra expense, but in the long run, you get to save your money, stay stress-free as you await your wedding and make the wedding memorable!

To simplify, the role of a wedding planner is a money manager, strategist, artisan, facilitator, and mediator. They also play a role of therapist to the bride and groom, in the sense that the couple may be experiencing doubts and emotional stress, so the wedding planner gives them encouragement, advice and a listening ear. An excellent wedding planner ensures that the wedding runs smoothly and

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