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On Sunday, January 3, 2016, I responded to 4245 N. Roxboro Street (The Cook Out) in reference to a vehicle sitting in the drive through not moving.
Personal Contact:
I arrived on scene at 0305 hours, approaching the vehicle in the drive through on foot from the south. I observed a gray 2007 Acura TSX with a NC registration, DHW-2868. The vehicle’s lights, engine on and driver’s side window down with a black male sitting behind the wheel fast asleep. I reached in and turned the vehicle’s engine off. I opened the driver’s side door and attempted to wake the drive up. After several attempts of shining my flashlight in the driver’s face and shaking him, he finally woke up. I asked to see his driver’s license and vehicle’s registration. The driver had his debit card and wallet in his lap area. Upon my second request to see his driver’s license and registration the driver opened his wallet and attempted to hand me his Kroger’s reward card by passing his NC identify card which was in the front of the Kroger’s card. After asking the driver where he was coming from, He attempts to place an order for food with me. The driver could not retrieve the vehicle’s registration from the glove box. After, several attempts of trying to retrieve his ID from the wallet. The driver had me his NC identification card which, later identified him as Mr. William Sherrod Brown.
I asked the driver…

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