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Personal System Behavior
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Personal System Behavior

I am writing this paper to outline my personal system view as they relate to work, school, family and the world. I will also include some strategies that I intend on using to reach my goals by my competencies. In addition, as your assignment, I will include my beliefs about the world and how my values and others are organized into my self-concept. My hope is that after reading this paper you will have a fairly good understanding of what my personal system are and how I hope to deal with it.

Goals in my life are very important. Our goals in life make us what we are. They distinguish us from the people around us. Personal goals have a
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In addition, thank God that my friends in my class are more experience than I am, so I would be able to learn from their experience. I believe that furthering my education at MBA level will help succeed in taking the proper steps for me to start my own business and seeing it be a success and not a failure.

In summary, I am always very careful about setting goals for myself because I have always prided myself on keeping them. I do not normally like to set deadline on my goals because I believe that your goals need to be adjusted from time to time depending on your circumstance. I do feel goals are very important to have but even more important to keep.

My Competencies to Reach the Goals
Competency is the term used to describe a cluster of related knowledge, skills and attributes that contributes to successful job performance and ultimately to the goals and priorities of my personal system. Competencies are typical expressed in terms of visible on-the-job behaviors. The leadership competencies represent the keys that are desired of all leaders. There are seven competencies in this framework that related to my competencies:

1. Personal insight and impact
One of my strength on this competency that I am able to build trust by being honest, reliable and consistent to achieve my goals. In addition, I am always trying to fulfill commitments, even under difficult or challenging circumstances (e.g., when taking

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