Wings Of Fire Case Study

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Enclosed is my analysis of the delivery guarantee recommendations, where I will highlight and describe the results from the data collected about the delivery times on football Saturdays. Included in this report will be my analysis of the delivery times and my recommendations of whether we should offer the “30 minutes’ delivery time or it’s free” deal on football Saturdays.

Wings of Fire was established because of the demand for a food delivery service and take-out restaurant around the college area. The restaurant is a small area because it does not offer dine-in services. Wings of Fire has been successful and remains successful today, although the owner, Tony Smith, faces some challenges with his local competition. With his restaurant flourishing, others took notice and decided to also establish a food delivery service around the college area that included take out and dine in services, with a variety of other popular foods besides wings. These new pop-up restaurants gave Wings of Fire a challenge by offering a “30 minutes’ delivery time or it’s free” guarantee. In order to remain competitive, not only with the varieties of food offered, but also with the delivery guarantee, Tony needs to evaluate his delivery service to consider the possibility of also honoring this delivery guarantee in order to make Wings of Fire more competitive.

Delivery Performance:

Tony isn’t worried about guaranteeing “30 minutes’ delivery or it’s free” on every day of the week besides football Saturday’s because he knows that our delivery system will be able to deliver under that time frame. Football Saturday’s would be the only day of the week where it would be more
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With this data we have collected, there are 20 orders that would be free with this

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