Case Study: Firefly Fast Food Restaurants

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After reading case description we can conclude that there are many problems with it. All the problems are directly or indirectly connected to the performance of the company. Here, problems are categorized in two different topics. Problems that involve actual actions happening in the company are categorized as secondary problems and the problems that pose bigger picture of the company are categorized as primary problems. In short, secondary problems are the problems that are collectively causing the primary problems, bringing company in a crisis situation.
Primary Problems: Careful analysis of all incidents that happened between the members of the Firefly fast food restaurants we have decided that there are three major problems that the company
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Handling of various problems by owners as described in case description indicates that owners lack enough management skills. It proves that they need systematic guidance on how to manage their business in appropriate fashion. They were able to manage their business efficiently when they had only one store. As they expanded into two they began to lose their control over it. As a result they started to see decline in their sales and various other issues. Due to inappropriate management some of their best employees started to turn against them and some even left their job. This led to lack of enough skilled workers within restaurants resulting in poor performance by all subordinates. This escalation led to poor customer satisfaction, poor revenue collection etc. Hence, inappropriate management is another major crisis faced by firefly …show more content…
It is obvious from reactions of employees they are not motivated to do their job. When firefly was open first they had very good connection among employees and owners. This connection was very fruitful for the business. Because of this connection employees used to feel as being an important part of the restaurants. But as time passed by this connection begin to erode and it also invited a decrease in motivation among employees. Motivation is a very important factor when it comes to driving people to do their job in best ways they can. Lack of motivation leads in decreased level of performance. Same thing is happening in firefly restaurant. As restaurant expanded owners became busy and they couldn’t kept their connection with employees same as before. This situation led employees to feel unimportant within their organization. As Talon became successful he didn’t bother to employ any step to keep his employee motivated. This ignorance of his is also an indicator that he is loosing motivation for keeping their restaurant employee friendly. This collective loss of motivation among owners and employee led to increased customer dissatisfactions and decrease in revenue. Hence, it is obvious that decrease in motivation is one of the major problems for firefly

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