Personal Advantages Of Brand Manager Essay

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It must show the personal advantages that can be gained from choosing that brand which can either be the trust it offers the consumer or the personality.
A consumer assigns a certain personality to a brand based on that consumer’s attitude about it. A brand name has a lot more meaning behind it than most people would think and that is a brand strategy used to gain the trust of consumers.
Probably one of the most successful ways to build an emotional brand strategy is to create a personality for your brand. The people in the real world who stand out from the crowd always seem to have some kind of “charism.” They have personality and attitude that others respect and are sometimes in owe of. They have a presence that almost commands people to follow without asking, and others always want to be around them. They are not necessarily extroverted or introverted, but people feel good when they are around. Great brands are like great people in this respect, and the role of the brand manager is to manage the brand--- consumer relationship by building a powerful and irresistible brand personality” (Temporal 30-31)
With the frequent changes in consumer values across the world, it has become imperative that brands alter their attitudes and personalities with each individual culture. Consumers have now become more individualized, and in order to succeed, brands must realize that. While some brands may not necessarily have the highest prices, they help companies gain higher market share…

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