Customer Engagement

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Due to the increasing competition in almost every market and industry, today the companies should have a better understanding of their customers’ needs and expectations in order to stay competitive and generate profits (Cambra-Fierro, Melero-Polo & Vasquez-Carrasco, 2013). However, a company should not only aim to make a brand more attractive than competitors’ brands and cover consumers needs in a better way but also to turn the consumer into a fan of the brand by make him to want to get involved and associate with the brand (Prahlad & Ramaswamy, 2004).

This idea is expressed by the concept of customer engagement. Kumar and his colleagues (2010) defined customer engagement as a combination of customer behaviors, transactional such as purchase
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During the last few years, it is noted an increased interest on the concept of customer engagement especially in the context of digital marketing where marketers trying to engaged and communicate with their website and social media visitors and finally to create a long relationship with them.

Importance of customer engagement
Customer Engagement can have multiple benefits for any company. Some of the advantages of having a high level of customer engagement for a brand or company are:

a. The customer is turning into a communicator. The recent technological developments and the ability of customer to express his opinion through multiple channels such as blogs and forums have make the consumer a powerful communicator which can influence the public opinion positively or negatively. Moreover, by sharing information with friends and peers with the same interests the customer becomes the advertising mean of a brand fact that makes customer engagement even more
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Increased Brand Loyalty. The level of customer engagement can prevents a customer from shifting into another brand, especially if we think the high number of available choices and the extensive competition. Moreover, it can be stated that the level of customer engagement can be a differentiator in the purchase decision process (Tripathi, 2014).

c. According to Van Doorn and his associates (2010) an engaged customer also expresses high levels of customer loyalty. Therefore, influencing consumer’s engagement with a brand or organization is the best way to retain them or increase their loyalty.

Dimensions of consumer

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