Essay about Person Of Interest As A Nurse Administrator

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Person of Interest
When I read the syllabus, the first one that caught my interest is the major paper, requiring us to interview a nurse administrator. It indicates to conduct it as soon as possible, plan ahead, and give yourself leeway for unforeseen circumstances in your part or the person you are going to interview. That very first week of class, I contacted the secretary of the Chief Nurse Officer (CNO) of Lyndon Baines Johnson Hospital, requesting to interview the CNO, and to give me the earliest possible appointment. October 28, 2016 from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, was my scheduled appointment, the day prior to it, I received an e-mail notifying me to reschedule it on October 31, 2016, same time. I already did the interview and I recorded it, and of course with permission.
Why I need to look somewhere else to interview when, I have a CNO in my work of employment. I chose him, since he is very hands on, intellectual, approachable, and reaching out to his nursing staff. He graduated Magna Cum Laude, served in the United States Army as a Nursing Director, Chief Nursing Officer, Company Commander, and Training Officer. He held administrator positions in different hospitals as well. In addition, is to find out what his strategic plan for the nursing staff and the hospital as a whole.
Organizational Development and Change Experienced by the Nurse Administrator
The nurse administrator role and responsibilities are greatly affected by organizational development and changes…

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