Perfectionist Characteristics

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Each of us is born with the wish to grow and progress. There is something within each of us that needs to be a bit better and always looking forward to get progress. I’m not referring to material things perfect, although there is nothing wrong with wanting to secure a financial stability. What I’m referring to though, is the desire to become something bigger than we currently are. That desire force us to develop our knowledge as well as a number of admirable human traits such as kindness, intelligence, compassion, discipline, humility, etc. Developing these qualities in us and growing as a person brings a level of satisfaction and happiness. It creates a sense that we’re getting something bigger than ourselves and make our self to adopt …show more content…
I wanted to outline some characteristics that I’ve generally seen among perfectionists. This list can help you to identify unhealthy habits and help you to change our lifestyles.
• Difficulty delegating – Perfectionists have a difficult time to handle the responsibilities in the home, work place or other situation. In their minds, the things will always fall apart if it’s not done properly. They cannot trust easily to others however to perform whatever plan need to take place. This may cause the trust issues between perfectionists and others that have to work with them. This thing leaves so much burden and stress on their minds.
• Always right – They always think that they are right and show everybody that they are wrong. The perfectionists will always teach you the right way to do things, if it’s not done in a proper way. They face difficulty keeping an open mind to adapt new methods for few reasons. First reason is it proves them wrong and the other is the position where they have it may necessary for them to learn something new because they won’t know much about
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They suppose that people who are good, successful etc are hardly make mistakes. This guides them to believe that those who make mistakes are idiots.
• Overcritical of others – Ability to judge other’s performance is a natural part. There’s a big difference but with judging other’s ability to do and always finding something to be critical of. Also, this can be correct of being disapproving of organizations. Frequently, this criticism comes when they feel, it was up to them to do some task, the result would be better.

I have mentioned that there are several numbers of voices and messages we receive daily. Unluckily, many voices guide us to away from what we really want – personal growth and development. Perfectionism is one of the most persistent voices hold back our ability to grow. One of the best ways to differentiate between truth and lies is whether or not what I hear gives me the want to improve in my dealings with others. The impressions I get to improve are always go with a sense of learning- not the fear and anxiety that come with

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