Percy Jackson Hero's Journey

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“You shall go west to face the god who has turned, you shall find what was stolen and see it safely returned, you shall be betrayed by the one you call friend, and fail to save what matters most in the end.” This is the prophecy Percy Jackson must unravel and solve. Percy Jackson is a hero; not only does he follow the hero’s journey but also he is brave and loyal. He never gave up no matter how many trials and challenges he had to face and in the end, it truly paid.
Percy Jackson is a troubled 12-year-old living in upstate New York. He attends Yancy Academy, a school for special kids. He seems to have a lot of trouble fitting in and concentrating due to his ADHD and dyslexia. He has only one friend Grover described as, “Grover was an easy
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"I know why you have come-I know the real reason you brought the bolt. You came to bargain for her. …"Yes," Hades said with satisfaction. "I took her. I knew, Percy Jackson that you would come to bargain with me eventually. Return my helm, and perhaps I will let her go. She is not dead, you know. Not yet. But if you displease me, that will change." (R.Riordan p.315) Percy now has to decide whether his quest is more important or his mother’s life. Fortunately, Percy is able to solve the dilemma and finally gets to the treasure.
“My hand moved against my will and brought out the pearls. “Only three," Hades said. "What a shame. You do realize each only protects a single person. Try to take your mother, then, little godling. And which of your friends will you leave behind to spend eternity with me? Go on. Choose. Or give me the backpack and accept my terms." “I turned and faced my mother. I desperately wanted to sacrifice myself and use the last pearl on her, but I knew what she would say. She would never allow it. I had to get the bolt back to Olympus and tell Zeus the truth. I had to stop the war. She would never forgive me if I saved her instead. I thought about the prophecy made at Half-Blood Hill, what seemed like a million years ago. You will fail to save what matters most in the end.” (R.Riordan p.

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