Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief Essay

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Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief,written by Rick Riordan, is about greek gods who are angry at a demi-god named Percy Jackson because they think he stole zeus' lightening bolt. Percy needs to find Zues' Master lightning bolt until the summer, June 21 at midnight. There are a couple of settings in the book, for example, different boarding schools, a hill where a mythological beast called Minotar chased Percy at Camp Half-Blood, and in Las Vegas at the Lotus flower Casino/Hotel. Percy Jackson is a kid who is a Demi-God, son of Poseidan, he can breathe underwater- up to seven minutes and if he has a wound and he touches water he can heal himself instantly. Grover is a satyr (half man half goat), he is the protecter of Perscy Jackson. Annabeth daughter of Athena, god of nature, and is good in hand-to-hand combat. The Book begins with Percy Jackson at a greek Museum …show more content…
when they get Percy's mom back and then go to mount olypius to give the lightning boly back.The most exciting part of the story is when they are fighting Medusa the monster with snakes for hair and if you look at her eyes youll turn to stone. In the end Percy and his friends defeated her. The problem is solved by Percy going yo Mount olypius and giving the Master Lightning bolt back to Zues.Percy and Annabeth go back to camp Half-Blood and train with each other. Grover,The Satyr grows little horns and becomes a Senior satyr I would recomend this book to my friend that lives on my block,because he loves Percy Jackson and to read. My favorite part was when Percy Jackson was fighting Medusa the monster that will turn you to stone if you look at her. I really didnt like the part when they went to the museum and percy slices the hydras head off I almost threw up when i read that. If i had to change one thing it would be that part (the slicing of the hydras) because it seems to be too graphic and

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