Essay about People Quality For The Show

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people quality for the show. The WWE website announced it on their website. Ford speaks about the past how title changes happened on house shows in the past. Some of them were recognized and some of them not. Ford thinks it is a good idea for the fans.
Two whole chapters are focused on the booking “Does it Draw?” and “What’s Good For the Business is Good For…” Matysik begins with the significant problem so many fantasy bookers will ignore in professional wrestling storylines: It is one thing to plan out a series of events and matches, It is quite another to get all the talent to go along with them perfectly. (Matysik, 123-124) Matysik hints on the ups and downs of the professional wrestling business and how Muchnick could use them to build up business (Matysik, 124), a strategy McMahon follows. (Matysik, 129) Sure, a lot of WWE programming can be hit-or-miss throughout the year but when things build to Wrestlemania, (Matysik, 126) some storylines get much tighter and more focused. The chapter touches once more on the fact that many wrestlers (many of which can be considered Internet Wrestling Community darlings) just do not have what it takes to be in the main event and more often than not, promoters are able to know who does and does not have the capability to be the main event. (Matysik, 127) Matysik provides information about how many promoters were stars of their wrestling territories; therefore, the wrestlers had a major influence on storylines while Vince has always…

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