Friday Night Lights Compare And Contrast Essay

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Sports stories are told in many ways with different views of how they come to be. This can be seen in both Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger and in Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy. Both of these books compare and contrast each other in ideas and principles when it comes to football at different levels. Bissinger and Dungy both examine how football is seen differently by people and how football leads to bigger impacts made in society throughout Friday Night Lights and Quiet Strength. In both respected books the coaches of the teams, coach Tony Dungy and coach Gaines, have two different approaches when it comes to football. Tony thinks of football as a secondary job to serving out the Lord's mission, while coach Gaines worries only about football and if his team is winning games. The environment they were adept to plays a role in this theme as Tony was raised in a home with great faith and theta stayed with him all …show more content…
Coach Gaines style of coaching fit how the people of Odessa approach football as its either succeed or bring in someone new. Tony coached differently as he knew his style of coaching would take a few years to create a program that would be in contention of winning the super bowl, which he succeeded only to be fired too soon. Although these two strategies are different, both coaches experienced success in their reps red programs. Football is approached many ways. These two men had drastically different styles that in the end both turned out well as their experienced success. Tony worried about the importance of being a complete person in his community while coach Gaines worried about winning as its what everyone around him wanted. Both Friday Night Lights and Quiet Strength explore how football is seen in certain communities with people as Tony and coach Gaines portray how different methods are used to have football represent a community rather than just a

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